Who can go to Femme Fest?

    Femme Fest is a festival for Lesbian, Bi, Transgender & Queer women. If you wish to be accompanied by a female friends or family members who are supportive of our community then they will be welcomed. Femme Fest also welcomes parents and their child.

    What time does the festival start?

    12pm on Friday 9th June 2023.

    Are dogs allow?

    Yes you are allowed to bring your dog. They must be kept on leads at all times and mess must be cleared. It is important to consider the well fair of your pet. The festival will have loud music all weekend and stage lighting & special effects displays. If you have any concerns or need more information about the event and what make affect the well being of your pet please contact us at enquiries@femmefest.co.uk

    Is there accessible camping?

    Yes there is accessible camping. If you require a accessible area camping pitch or require a carers ticket due to not being able to attend the festival without the assistance of  your carer, we ask you to apply by filling out the ACCESS APPLICATION FORM on the Camping & Info page.

    Can I park my vehicle next to my tent?

    Unfortunately no, we have a designated area for car parking. Mobile homes will be situated together.

    I have bought a ticket and my friend wants to share my tent, does she have to buy a ticket?

    Yes everyone is required to purchase a ticket to access the event, even if you are sharing a pitch.

    Will I be able to shower?

    Yes! It may be an idea to shower later in the day rather than in the morning.

    Is there a power supply?

    No there is no EHU. We recommend you bring a power bank to keep your phone charged.

    Will food be on sale?

    Yes we have vendors selling a variety of food.

    Can I bring my own food?

    Yes you can bring your own food. Please note the due to Femme Fest being a small festival we may not be able to cater for everyone's dietary requirements. If you have any concerns we recommend that you bring your own food.

    Can I bring a disposable BBQ?

    Due to safety reasons we do not allow disposable BBQs. This is to reduce fire risk.

    Can I bring alcohol?

    You can bring limited alcohol into the campsite (see below) but no alcohol can be taken into the arena. We have limited alcohol as we need festival-goers to support our bar and takings will help in supporting the festivals future. All drinks have not been hyped up like most festivals and drinks price points are based on the Uk's average beverage price.

    You may bring up to:

    12 x 440ml cans of larger/beer/cider/premixed spirits & mixer


    3-litres of boxed wine


    5-litres of larger/beer/cider in metal kegs

    Plastic or glass bottled spirits are not allowed.

    All alcohol must be brought with you on arrival. You CANNOT RE-ENTER with alcohol. No glass can be brought on site. No open bottles can be brought on site. Any alcohol exceeding the above limits or opened bottles will be confiscated.

    We have licensed bars in the arena, all drinks being fairly priced.

    How do we find out about the festivals line up?

    We have a packed weekend! Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for the line up. Please note that this may be subject to last minute changes.

    What time can we party until?

    Our Recorded Music License is until 02.00 Friday & Saturday (Silent Disco from 00.00) and until 00.00 on Sunday. Our Alcohol License is until 02.00.

    I am coming on my own and I feel apprehensive.

    There are quite a few attendees coming on their own and are probably feeling the same. We will be arranging various meets on the Friday afternoon, each with a host to welcome you. We will be adding the time and place of these meets on our social media pages. We also have a solos Facebook group for you to join. Many in there are already getting to know each other so we would highly recommend you joining! https://www.facebook.com/groups/femmefestsolos/

    I really would appreciate a lift or I am happy to offer someone one a lift?

    Please join our Facebook groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/femmefestofficial or https://www.facebook.com/groups/femmefestsolos/ if you attending as a solo and you will have the opportunity to make arrangements with other attendees.

    I now cannot attend the festival, can my ticket be refunded?

    Sorry but in the unfortunate event that you cannot make the festival tickets are none refundable.

    I have taken out a payment plan but I need to change or update my payment card?

    You will need to contact the company that supports the payment platform and inform them of your new card details. Go to the following link and click on 'contact us' Support : LIVE IT/Bookitbee Support

    I have lost my ticket, what shall I do?

    Firstly don't panic! Check your junk mail. If it isn't there contact the ticket company using this link Support : LIVE IT/Bookitbee Support Tell them what has happened. They will be able to re-send.it.

    What does a Glamping ticket include?

    • Don't worry about having to mess around putting a tent up! Your personally named Bell Tent will be furnished with airbeds, bedding, rugs & lighting.

    Do you have lost property?

    Lost property can be found at the information desk situated at the arena entrance.

    Can children attend Femme Fest?

    Yes. There will be a designated family camping area enabling other families to meet, eat and camp together. Your camping area will be situated away from the main campsite to ensure children have a quiet space. A child welfare policy has been put in place and is tied to terms and conditions of ticket sales and entry. We have created a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/femmefestfamilies/ for parents and children, so you can get to know other families before the event.

    I am 17 years old, will I be able to attend without a 21 year old?

    If you are under 16 then you will not be allowed entry with out a responsible adult (21+). If you appear under 18 please remember to bring ID otherwise you will be denied entry to the event.

    What shall I do if I lose my child?

    All minors will be  given a specific wristband which will contain the responsible adults contact details and phone number. Lost children will be looked after at the information desk and adults will be made aware upon entry to the festival of this point.



    We take the security and safety of our ticket holders very seriously. Femme Festival is a ticketed event and accreditation wrist bands will be issued to all ticket holders upon arrival.

    Please be patient when we carry out our security checks and searches, which take place at the campsite gates, the arena entrance and may also happen at any time at any location onsite.

    Our security staff are there for your safety – please co-operate with them as they work to keep us all safe and sound.

    We work very closely with Derbyshire Police and security services to ensure our security procedures are up to date and that we are following best practice. We put a lot of time and effort on briefing and training and run emergency exercises.

    Our Security Team administer a 'zero tolerance' approach to any unfriendly behavior and we enforce a responsible drinking atmosphere. Any antisocial behavior or non-compliance to event regulations may result in the removal of accreditation and problem individuals to be escorted off site.

    Our medical tent is fully staffed, open 24/7 and located in the car parking field.


    • FemmeFest is an 18+ event. We operate a ‘Challenge 25’ policy. Anyone who appears under the age of 25 will be asked for proof of age. Acceptable forms of identification will be a PASS-accredited proof of age card, photo driving license or passport. Failure to produce satisfactory proof of age will result the refusal of entry.


    • FemmeFest does not condone the use of drugs. It is illegal to buy, sell or take drugs. Drugs enforcement laws are as applicable onsite as anywhere else in the UK.
    • Searches will be carried out at the festival gates and any drugs found will be confiscated.
    • We want our festival goers to know above all else that we are here to help and you can come to us for help without fear of getting in trouble.


    • You will be able to purchase alcohol at a reasonable price with in the arena.


    • We do not accept any discrimination towards any individual or groups of individuals. Irrespective of the background of the individual, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief or gender reassignment. If you see or experience anyone undermining this, no matter the severity, please report it immediately to one of our onsite staff. FemmeFest is fully supportive of our Transgender community and FemmeFest welcomes Transgender women.


    • There are no fires/bonfires permitted anywhere at all within the site. Anyone seen creating or fueling a bonfire at any location will be evicted from the festival site on the spot. There is a controlled campfire within the arena.



    Refunds are only considered if the Event is (i) cancelled in full and not rescheduled. If the event is rescheduled, those who have purchased tickets will be able to use the tickets for the rescheduled dates. Once the new dates have been released ticket holders have 14 days from the date of the announcement to claim a refund. No refunds will be given after the 14 day period.  

    All customers must be over the age of 18. We operate a ‘Challenge 25’ policy and anyone who appears under age will be asked for proof of age.

    This is a ‘women only’ event. 

    All persons entering the festival site maybe searched. Strictly no illegal substances or ‘legal highs’ will be permitted into the site. Possession of either will lead to your ejection from the festival and possible prosecution.

    Private sound systems, glass, fireworks or any other items the organisers deem unreasonable or inappropriate will not be permitted into the festival site.

    No glass is allowed on site. 

    Tickets must be exchanged for wrist bands and must be worn at all times for the duration of the event.

    Camping in only permitted in the official campsite with a valid weekend camping ticket. No sleeping in vehicles is permitted.

    Camper vans, Caravans and trailer tents only are permitted into the campervan area. A maximum of 4 persons per pitch is permitted and all must have a valid weekend camping ticket.

    Please respect the site and use the bins provided, fires are not permitted and will be extinguished and you will leave yourself liable for ejection.

    Advertised acts, events, vendors maybe subject to last minute change due to other unforeseen circumstance. 

    Young children must be looked after by an adult that they know and are comfortable with.

    Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and mess must be cleared.


    The following activities are prohibited and any person committing such an activity may be ejected and excluded from the Grounds:

    • The throwing of any object/s anywhere within the Grounds;
    • The use of foul or abusive language, obscene or indecent gestures or chanting, including threatening, abusive or insulting language directed to a person by reason of their colour, race, sexuality, nationality or ethnic or national origins;
    • Unauthorised entry onto the stage or any area adjacent to the stage to which spectators are not generally admitted;
    • Unnecessary, annoying or dangerous behavior likely to cause distress or nuisance of any kind and/or to interrupt the Event;
    • The climbing onto or into staging, buildings, fences, walls, structures or fittings within the Grounds;
    • The obstruction of paths, access ways, exits, entrances and stairways;
    • The unauthorised use of promotional, commercial, political and/or religious printed matter, including but not limited to; leaflets, banners, clothing, signs, symbols or other material.

    The following items are Prohibited Items within the Grounds:

    Any objects or clothing bearing political statements or commercial identification intended for ambush marketing, large flags, banners, rattles, fireworks, flares, pyrotechnics, air horns, smoke canisters, laser pointers, bottles (except for small bottles of perfume/aftershave not to exceed 100ml), any type of glass (except for vapes), cans, cooking devices (except camping gas stoves which MUST be at least two metres away from flammable items/tents), golf umbrellas, poles, knives, blades and other articles or containers – including any which could or might be used as a weapon – or any other item which in the reasonable opinion of the organisers or authorised personnel could be used as a weapon or cause nuisance to others.

    If a person is found with a prohibited item then this item will be confiscated by authorised personnel and the person may be ejected from the grounds, or refused entry into the grounds. Any item found will be disposed of without compensation if the party declines to return the item to a safe place outside the grounds.

    Any person within the grounds, or attempting to gain access to the grounds, who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be ejected from the grounds, or refused entry into the grounds.

    The use of photographic or recording equipment of any kind must not inconvenience any person. With the exception of persons authorised by the organisers, the taking of picture or sound recordings, or the transmitting of any audio, visual or other information or data, or material in relation to the event by whatever means for commercial sale or use is strictly prohibited. Audio-visual equipment may be confiscated by authorised personnel if commercial use or sale is suspected. 

    The organisers own all intellectual property rights in material taken or recorded in the grounds. Copyright and moral rights in any unauthorised recording or transmissions is assigned to the organisers.

    No vehicles, other than emergency vehicles, shall be parked in any part of the grounds other than in designated parking areas, and with the appropriate authority. 

    The organisers or authorised personnel reserve the right at their absolute discretion to remove any vehicle parked in contravention of this regulation. The vehicle owner will then be liable for all costs incurred by the organisers in removing the vehicle, and the organisers may retain possession of the vehicle until such costs are recovered.

    Filming, photography and broadcasting may take place during the event at the grounds. All persons at the grounds give their express consent to the use of their actual or simulated likeness and voice in connection with the production, exploitation and advertising of the event without compensation or credit, throughout the world.

    No person can conduct a charitable collection unless authorised by the organisers.

    The organisers reserve the right to close bars and/or food outlets at any time and to restrict the sale or consumption of alcohol/food within the grounds if deemed necessary. Any food or beverages not purchased from a retailer authorised by the organisers are prohibited. If a person is found with any prohibited beverages or food then this item will be confiscated by authorised personnel, and the person may be ejected from the Event/Grounds or refused entry into the Event/Grounds. The item will be disposed of without compensation if the party declines to return the item to a safe place outside the Event/Grounds. 

    People with medical conditions such as diabetes, food allergies and intolerances should check allergy information where food and beverages are purchased.

    Any person found damaging or defacing the property of the organisers, or property on the Event/Grounds, will be prosecuted and will be ejected from the Event/Grounds.

    The organisers reserve the right to fine and/or bring legal action and/or eject or cause to be ejected any person who, within the Grounds, is considered by the organisers or authorised personnel, in their absolute discretion, to be or to have been behaving in a manner likely to:

    • Bring the organisers or Event into disrepute;
    • Interfere with the comfort, enjoyment or safety of other persons;
    • Impede in any way the activities of the organisers or authorised personnel;
    • Be in breach of any one or more of the ticket terms and conditions or conditions of entry.

    The organisers may, in their absolute discretion, bar from entry to the Grounds, for any period, any person who has been refused entry, or ejected for breach of ticket terms and conditions, and may take such steps as they consider necessary or desirable for the implementation of the said bar from entry to the Grounds.

    Any person attempting to gain admission to, or being found within that area of the Grounds designated “VIP Only” or “Staff Only” without the appropriate authorisation, may be ejected from the Grounds. Any person committing, or suspected of committing, a criminal offence may be ejected from the Grounds/Event. The organisers reserve the right, at their absolute discretion, to make alterations at any time to the published programme if necessary.

    The organisers reserve the right, at their absolute discretion, to amend the conditions of entry if necessary.